Fiberglass Panel Application

Fiberglass Skylights


Translucent reinforced corrugated fiberglass skylight panels substantially reduce the amount of artificial illumination and electricity needed to light the inside of your building.

  • Various corrugated shapes are available to nest with existing corrugated metal panels eliminating the need for additional flashing or roof curbs.
  • Skylights can also be fabricated on to a built up roof curb for flat roof or membrane roof areas where light is required.


Fiberglass Skylight Panel Applications

Translucent reinforced corrugated fiberglass skylight panels are ideal for:

  • residential awnings over patio decks and windows
  • pergola and gazebo coverings
  • carports
  • restaurant and commercial canopies and walkways.
  • barn skylights & other agricultural building skylights
  • factory building skylights & other industrial buildings
  • metal building skylights
  • warehouse skylights


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